Prindle 19 Bow Covers Unboxing Video by Chris Holley

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Muchos gracias to Chris Holley of Hijole Racing for sending this video he shot of his new Prindle 19 Bow Covers by SLO Sail and Canvas. 

Chris' new Prindle 19 Bow Covers are made of durable and UV resistant SofTouch fabric, featuring a fuzzy inner lining that protects your hull from road debris, rocks, dust, and bugs. These bow covers stay put and do not flutter at highway speeds due to their tailored fit and strap + Fastex buckle attachments. 

SLO Sail and Canvas also offers Bow Covers to fit Hobie 16 and Hobie 17 beach cats. 

Follow Chris Holley on his catamaran sailing adventures on his YouTube Channel. Follow SLO Sail and Canvas on YouTube too! Thanks for watching.

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