COVID-19 Information Page

COVID-19 Coronavirus Outbreak Information: We are open for manufacturing and shipping orders.

"Health is wealth." Slo Sail and Canvas has been committed to providing our customers with high quality boat covers, trampolines, sails, and custom industrial products for 15 years. The main reason for our continued success is our employees dedication, hard work, and attention to detail. Our staff shows up every day and works hard to build products that keep your boats and other equipment covered and working for as long as possible. Just as you invest in our products to protect your valued boats and equipment, we invest in our valued employees to keep them heathy, happy and productive. We offer our full time employees health insurance and contribute to their retirement savings. 

However, with people and boats, when a storm is coming we must take special actions to batten down the hatches and carry on as best as we can. With the outbreak of the Coronavirus pandemic we have taken special steps to distance each other - ensuring our workers' safety while continuing to manufacture, including:

    • Designating and isolating personal work areas 
    • Separating our joint operations into 3 distinct facilities
    • Staggering 7 day shifts into (2) 3 day shifts, separated by a 1 day sanitizing period
    • Setting up several remote workshops
    • Enabling remote file sharing and virtual operations management
    • Eliminating physical contact with walk-in customers
    • Minimizing physical contact with delivery personnel 

Your business and our work force are very appreciated and important to us. We have taken these steps to ensure that our workers remain employed and so that you can continue to order and receive whatever you need for your boat or business from SLO Sail and Canvas. We would like to thank our state and local government officials for the steps they have taken to lessen the effects of the virus on our health and economy. We would also like to thank the essential workers that continue to do their jobs (that make doing our job possible), including:

    • Medical Professionals
    • First Responders
    • Infrastructure Workers
    • USPS, UPS, and Freight Workers
    • Grocery, Gas, and Auto Workers

Finally we would like to give special thanks to our suppliers, retailers, and customers for their business and support. We wish you the best of luck and good health during this national emergency. SLO Sail and Canvas is working hard to provide you with the excellent products you have come to expect from us.