Quality of Work Going into our Products

We at SLO Sail and Canvas believe that our skills as craftsman are evident in every product that we make. We take great care in making each product and the facilities that we have enable us to do high quality work efficiently.


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We have over 4500 square feet of space with six in-floor sewing machines! This allows for many projects to be set up efficiently.




Our loft is equipped with a number of industrial sewing machines to ensure we are using the right machine for the job. We just installed our XL Cordes zig-zag machine for doing large sails.

The Cordes dwarfs a normal industrial sewing machine!


SLO Sail and Canvas is now the proud owner of two Juki bar tackers, one of which is an AMS machine.  Both machines feature digital control panels allowing us to design and build custom bar tack patterns.  Our Juki 1900A-HS has a maximum field size of 30mm by 40mm and our Juki AMS-210EN-1306 has a maximum field size of 130mm by 60mm. We have used these machines to build cargo nets, load straps and much more. Below the images of each machine are photos showing the tack patterns we use on cargo nets. Please contact us if you have a need for this type of work.

bar-tack-pattern-small.jpg   ams-tack-small.jpg





We use our new in-house Autometrix Plotter-Cutter to cut out an ever increasing number of our boat covers. This video is our Autometrix Advantage system cutting out an Optimist sailboat top cover. We design the boat cover using AutoCad and then import the design into the plotter driver program called Patternsmith which gives the cutter the coordinates to cut out. This is how we cut out our boat covers so they are perfect every time.


After we have a perfect pattern for a boat we digitize it into Patternsmith, our plotter driver software. This image of a Sunfish cover digital pattern will be used to control our Autometrix plotter-cutter and give us a perfectly cut boat cover.





Our employees are highly trained in sewing, and use techniques that produce very durable products. We use multiple rows of stitching to prevent any premature failure of our product.


  • Look at the seven (very straight) rows of stitching on this trampoline, other manufacturers use three row
  • Our grommets are set by hand to ensure they are firmly in the fabric and evenly spaced (hand grommeting is much more consistent than machine grommeting)
  • We have done this long enough that we know the right questions to ask so you get the correct trampoline
  • We use patterns for every trampoline we make so the size does not deviate


All of our products are heavily reinforced in areas that receive a lot of wear.


  • Notice the heavy-duty reinforcements sewn in the corners
  • High quality bungee is used and the ends are burned to prevent fraying
  • The bungee rests inside of a skirt with two rows of stitching for extra strength
  • All of our covers are top stitched to give it that finished look
  • We offer the option to split the transom for big hardware on hull covers, otherwise we provide a large reinforcement