When contacting us please be as clear as possible about what make and model of boat you have. If you are not 100% sure please contact us and we can help you.

Q: Why don't you stock any of your sewn products?
A: In short, to give you, the customer, the best possible price. It would be cost prohibitive if we tried to stock every cover and every trampoline in every fabric and color combination that we offer. This is why we build every item as it is ordered. We do our best to get you your product in a timely manner, but sometimes it will take longer to receive your order than other time. Please call if you have any specific questions regarding lead time.

Q: How do you ship your products?
A: Many of our products are relatively small and we are therefore able to ship them in USPS flat rate boxes which is a 2-3 day service. The other service we commonly use to ship is UPS ground whose delivery time is purely dependent on the shipping address. We also use UPS 2nd Day Air and USPS priority mail for expedited shipping depending on the timeline, destination and cost. If you have any questions or specific needs, feel free to give us a call.

Q: Will there be any taxes?
A: We are responsible for charging tax only when we ship items to California. Foreign customers may be required to pay import duties on items purchased from us. We do not collect any taxes on foreign transactions.

Q: What is the turnaround time for my order?
A: We build every one of our sewn products when it is ordered. Some products, such as sails, take longer to build than others. We aim to ship most of our items within five business days of the order being placed, but sometimes we are unable to meet this goal due to order volume (order volumes and therefore lead times increase significantly in the summer - check availability in product description for current lead time). If you need your item(s) by a specific date, please call us and we'll be happy to work with your requirements.

Q: I don't see my boat listed, what should I do?
A: We have patterns for many boats that we don't yet have posted on the website so the best thing to do is give us a call. If we ultimately do not have a pattern for your boat, there is possibly the option for us to send you a pattern kit to pattern your boat which we can then make a cover from. The best thing to do is to contact us so we can get you the best solution possible. Please do not order covers that are not for your specific boat.

Q: What are the dimensions of your covers?

A: Our products are 'non-dimensional' in that they are designed to fit a specific boat that it set up a certain way and will not fit other boats. We will not help you try to figure out which other cover we have that might fit so please don't ask. We will happily help you if your boat isn't listed on our site and you contact us, see above.

Q: Which boat cover fabric should I choose?
A: The polyester fabric is perfect for those who are most concerned with price. These covers usually last between five and seven years in full exposure depending on climate and use. The polyester is somewhat breathable with decent chafe resistance properties. For the ultimate in UV resistance and breathability, Sunbrella is the best choice. Sunbrella is not particularly chafe resistant (which is why we reinforce all of our covers) so it is not a good option for trailering. The toughest fabric we stock is TopGun which is ideal for trailering as it has the ultimate in chafe resistance. It is also the best fabric for use in the snow. For more information, check out the materials section of our website.

Q: What custom colors are available and what do they cost?
A: We offer custom colors in all of our boat cover fabrics but it is really only cost effective in Sunbrella and TopGun. Please call or email for a custom color quote as each color and cover will have different costs.

Q: What is the straps upgrade for boat covers?
A: Our boat covers come standard with webbing loops sewn around the edge of the cover which can be used to secure the cover. The strap upgrade replaces the standard webbing loops with 1" wide webbing straps that are designed to fit under the hull. These straps are sewn to one side of the cover and attach to the opposite side of the cover with an acetal side-release Fastex buckle.

Q: How do I install my boat cover?
A: Our standard top covers come with webbing loops located down the sides of the cover. These can be tied under the boat to the other side of the cover or to the trailer. You may also be able to order your cover with straps as an upgrade. These are one inch webbing straps with side release buckles designed to run under the boat, securing the cover. Our mast-up flat covers have webbing loops down the center of the cover that can be used to help tent up the cover using the main halyard.

Q: What is the difference between a mast-up flat and mast-up peaked cover?
A: A mast-up flat cover is just like the standard top cover with the addition of a mast cutout and cutouts for the shrouds and forestay if necessary. These covers are designed to be used with the boom removed from the mast and can still be used for trailering. The mast-up peaked cover is designed to be used with the boom attached to the gooseneck at the mast. These covers can not be used while trailering as there is too much excess material that will just flap in the wind.

Q: What is the difference between a "split transom" and "solid transom" on a bottom cover?
A: The split transom has an approximately 4" gap in the middle of the transom so that the gudgeons do not touch the cover and also allowing the cover to drain if the bow is propped up. The solid transom is a single piece of fabric covering the entire transom with a reinforcement for the gudgeons.

Q: What is the difference between a bias and non-bias trampoline?
A: A bias cut trampoline is cut out on a 45 degree angle to the weave of the mesh. This allows all of the tension to be taken up by rear lacing only. Standard trampolines are cut out aligned to the weave of the mesh which means that they need to be tensioned in at least two direction. You can watch a short animation showing the difference at the following link: Bias Animation

Q: How do I install my trampoline?
A: The installation for every trampoline is a little different. Check out our trampoline installation guides for boat specific information and call or email with any other questions.