New Mesh Offering - Textilene 90 Dusk Grey


SLO Sail and Canvas now offers select trampoline and trampoline wings in Textilene 90 Dusk Grey!

We began offering Textilene 90 Lake Blue mesh trampolines in the Spring of 2020 in response to customer requests for a blue mesh offering. Orders for TEX 90 trampolines were high all summer - with great reviews from those who received them.  

What makes Textilene 90 so great? 

Textilene 90 is an improvement on the "standard" Polypropylene basket weave mesh that has been the norm in beach cat nets for decades. Polypropylene basket weave mesh is a high thread count monofilament, whereas Textilene 90 is a PVC coated 1000 denier Polyester weave. 

The combination of Textilene 90's PVC coating and woven mesh design combines the best features of (solid) Vinyl trampolines' durability, and mesh trampolines' openess (ability to shed water through voids in the mesh). 

Textilene 90 has proven excellent resistance to UV degredation and damage from mold and mildew. 

What trampolines are available in Textilene 90?

SLO Sail and Canvas makes Textilene 90 3pc Centerlace, Side Lace, Side Loop, and Wing Cover trampolines for many catamaran models. However due to the PVC coating of Textilene 90 mesh, we are unable to produce Bias Cut trampolines from this premium mesh. SLO Sail and Canvas is adding Textilene 90 offerings every day, so if you don't see your desired trampoline available, please ask!

More Info: 

CLICK HERE for the Twitchell Textilene 90 Data Sheet

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