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Hard to find trampolines at SLO Sail and Canvas


SLO Sail and Canvas offers top notch trampolines to fit most models of beach catamarans. 

We specialize in aftermarket trampolines for the most popular of beach cats like Hobie 16's & Prindle 16's, but we also make trampolines to fit hard to find models, like: 

Hobie Cat 15

Hobie Cat T2

Hobie Cat Wildcat

Hobie Cat Tiger

Hobie Cat Pacific

Hobie Cat FX One

Nacra Inter 18

Nacra F18 Infusion

Dart 18

... and more!

Our trampolines are made from tried and true patterns that we have developed and tested over the years. We produce everything in our California sail loft. All trampolines come with a materials and workmanship warranty & are guaranteed to fit your boat perfectly!