Laser Sailboat Top Cover Choices - Laser or Pro Laser?


SLO Sail and Canvas offers two different Top Deck Covers for your Laser Sailboat. This article will help you choose which one is right for you. 

Laser Sailboat Top Cover - Deck Cover is the most affordable and the easiest to install. Features include a built-in 1/4" shockcord that wraps around your rubrail. This shockcord, used in conjunction with lines tied through the web loops will secure the cover to your boat in all weather. Many customers choose this cover, made with Top Gun fabric, as the ultimate cover for towing at highway speed. Optional upgrades include: reflective tape (for higher visibility), and tie-down straps (added in place of the web loops). Some customers store spars under this cover, but the PRO Laser has added volume to allow for spar storage. 

PRO Laser Sailboat Top Cover - Deck Cover is the premium Laser sailboat cover on the market. The PRO is made with additional space on deck to allow storage of your mast sections and boom on deck and under cover - with no need to purchase an additional Spar Bag! The PRO also features a bit of skirting to protect more of your hull than the standard top cover. The PRO comes standard - loaded with features including: reflective tape, 4 adjustable straps, custom stenciling, a rudder cutout, and more. The PRO will fit your Laser sailboat with or without the spars on deck. 

Both of these laser sailboat deck covers are available in 3 fabric types, and many different colors. All of SLO Sail and Canvas' boat covers are built to order in 10-14 days, in the USA!