Powerboat Covers

Custom Powerboat Covers by SLO Sail and Canvas

SLO Sail and Canvas has been producing custom powerboat covers for the greater San Luis Obispo County and California water sports enthusiast for many years. Our two large sewing lofts provide plenty of space to safely and securely house your boat while we create your custom cover application; we may also be able to travel to your boat's location to create a pattern. With decades of industrial sewing knowledge and custom patterning experience our staff can produce a superb product out of high quality materials that will last you for years to come. We go through great lengths to make sure that your cover design is the best possible by reinforcing high chafe areas to prevent wear, adding vents to allow air circulation, and designing covers to prevent water puddles. Basically, we have many tricks up our sleeves to suit any covering needs you might have. You can find informational brochures on our powerboat and pontoon boat covers by clicking on the following links. There is also a guide outlining the different considerations and features to be considered before placing an order.

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Powerboat Covers

SLO Sail and Canvas produces the finest custom powerboat covers on the California Central Coast. From design, materials, and construction, we goe to great lengths to provide the highest quality custom powerboat covers possible. Our expert staff takes your specific needs into careful consideration when choosing the design and materials, to make sure the cover lasts as long as possible. We stock a wide variety of cover fabrics and colors and can also custom order anything to suit your preference! Each cover is hand patterned and individually created for an ultimate fit unique to you and your boat. Our custom covers can be secured to your powerboat in a number of ways depending on where and how it will be stored. Call or visit to see how we can help you.



Snap On Covers

Want a more slick way to protect your powerboat from the elements? We have the solution for you: a custom snap-on cover. Our snap-on covers are custom created to fit your boat in a minimalistic fashion. These covers are great because they use less material, are easier to take on/off, and they take up less space when stored. These covers protect only what needs to be protected from the sun and elements while keeping the styling and shape of your boat intact; besides providing protection, they look pretty cool. Our snap-on covers use nickel plated brass snaps attached with marine grade pop rivets or stainless steel screws – designed to be durable in all weather conditions. We can either install snaps on your boat or use existing snaps to create a custom cover.



Pontoon Covers

Looking to protect your pontoon party boat in the off-season? We've got you covered! SLO Sail and Canvas has created dozens of custom covers for pontoon boats. Anywhere from covering the whole boat, or just individual covers for the upholstery and console, we can create anything to suit your pontoon cover needs. Our sewing lofts are large enough to store your boat inside while we work our magic. Also, be sure to ask about custom colors to fit the theme of your boat! (We recently made a cardinal red cover to match a USC Trojan's themed pontoon boat)



Outboard Motor Covers

What’s a more perfect compliment to your new custom powerboat cover than a matching outboard motor cover? While we are creating a cover for your custom powerboat application we can easily whip up an outboard cover to match. Make sure to keep your motor protected along with the rest of your boat.



Rigid Inflatable Boat Covers

Our Rigid Inflatable Boat (RIB) covers fully enclose the pontoons and are custom fitted for the best protection of your boat. Don’t settle for a saggy cover for your RIB; our covers are tight fitting to seal out the elements and they simply look fantastic. We spend the extra time necessary creating darts and tucks in the pattern to assure a snug fit.



Bimini Tops

SLO Sail and Canvas can take care of all of your Bimini needs! We can make Bimini frames, tops, and boots, custom or as an OEM replacement for your powerboat. Stop by or call to see what fabrics and colors we have for your application.



Custom Covers

We at SLO Sail and Canvas enjoy a good challenge and are well known for crafting custom quality canvas applications for powerboats. Have some oddball boat part you want covered and protected from the sun? Have some trick custom idea you think we can accomplish? Give us a call at (805) 479-6122 to ask how our expert staff can assist you.