We're New and Improved!

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In order to better share our products with our customers we launched a new website earlier this year. We are working to develop more comprehensive content to let everyone know more about our products and how to use them. We'll also be looking to share interesting content related to the various projects that we get into. 

We have also started a boat collection, to better develop our covers, sails and trampolines, we have started to gather the rejected boats that were destined for scrap, and give them new lives as templates and photo models! With a little luck, the boats that can still float may be seen at some local regattas. 

We have installation videos for a Hobie 16 Trampoline, a Hobie 17 lace-on wing trampoline, a Prindle 16 Trampoline and a few various information videos about our materials and process. If there is something we should move up the production list, let us know!