UV Covers

UV Covers for Roller Furling Jibs and Genoas


SLO Sail and Canvas can add UV covers for roller furling jibs and genoas. We use your choice of UV Dacron, or Sunbrella to make the UV Cover for your headsail, all you have to do is ship us your sail! See below how we put the UV cover on the sail.


  • Solution dyed acrylic fabric
  • Sunbrella comes in 64 colors! Click here for a color list
  • Superior UV resistance - highly recommended for areas south of latitude 36.


UV Dacron
  • Polyester sailcloth with a UV inhibitor coating
  • Only available in white
  • Very low stretch characteristics - can actually help the leech of an older sail
  • Light weight - about half the weight of Sunbrella at 5 oz/sq. yard
  • Recommended fabric if your sails tend to wear out from high use or more performance oriented sails

If you are interested or have any questions, please give us a call at 805-479-6122. We recommend that you ship your sail to us at:

SLO Sail and Canvas
645 Tank Farm Road, Suite G
San Luis Obispo, CA 93401

UPS is usually the easiest and cheapest option for shipping your sail to us.


UV Cover Construction


The panels of the UV cover material, in this case gray Sunbrella, are cut in varying widths, tapering from the clew to the head. This ensures that the sail is covered fully but there is no excess weight on the sail.



With the sail picked out under tension the panels are applied with special double adhesive tape. The sail is put in tension as it would be when it is on your boat, which makes for a very smooth finished product.


uv cover being taped on


Note the in floor sewing machines, without these it would very hard to do large sails efficiently.


in floor sewing machines


We use an overcast stitch on all of the seams so the fabric will not fray.


overcast stitching on the UV cover


The corners are finished expertly. Depending on the size of the sail, we use either a tubular polyester webbing, or dyneema webbing.


Finish the Corners


We even refinish the end of the luff tape.


luff tape on the genoa


Now we have a finished UV Cover!


Finished UV Cover in sunbrella


Then we fold up the sail, and it is ready to be shipped back to you.


folded ready to ship