Supercat 19 catamaran trampoline  - made in America by skilled artisans at SLO Sail and Canvas.

Supercat 19 Wrap Catamaran Trampoline - Black Mesh

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    You must complete and submit a Supercat Measurement Guide to have this trampoline made for you.

    We have been trying to work with the Supercat fleet for years and collectively you guys can't measure accurately enough for this to be a remotely profitable venture for us. Some of you have been great to work with and are wonderful people, unfortunately the bad eggs in the fleet have ruined it for everyone. Your boats are all over the place with modifications with all of the different builders it is just a game of tail chasing. This has been an enormous waste of time and effort for us over the years and it would have been better for us to run $100 bills through the paper shredder vs. building Supercat parts. We don't want to be unfair with pricing but we cannot keep doing this. Collectively, the Supercat fleet has done this to itself! Supercat trampolines are just going to be expensive. You're welcome to go elsewhere and frustrate someone else. We are solving this problem through pricing. If you want a Supercat trampoline through SLO Sail and Canvas we will work with you and we will do a good job. We promise.

    This is a listing for a mesh trampoline for the SuperCat 19 with fore and aft wrap-arounds. This trampoline wraps around the forward and aft beam; if your trampoline is not configured this way please give us a call and we’ll build a custom trampoline for your boat. We heavily reinforce the edges of this trampoline.  This trampoline is not compatible with a traveler rail on the aft beam (it does work with the wire traveler). We have a cutout around the mast base of this trampoline. The trampoline wraps around the fwd and aft beam and laces back to itself.

    This trampoline is made from super durable mesh and includes these special features:

    • Manufactured with 8oz. polypropylene basket weave mesh (high-quality heavy duty trampoline mesh)
    • Two 12” x 12” halyard pockets near the mast base
    • Adjustable hiking straps
    • Sewn with large size V-138 UV-stabilized polyester thread (Teflon thread available as an upgrade for ultimate UV resistance)
    • At least seven rows of stitching in high-load areas (compared to 2 rows from other manufacturers)
    • Substantially reinforced with 3" wide heavy-weight polypropylene webbing in grommet areas
    • Multi-layer construction in high-stress sections to better spread the load; three layers of mesh and a layer of webbing
    • Each #4 spur grommet is pounded in by hand (spur grommets have 'teeth' that bite into the fabric making them very strong)



    • One-year warranty against defects in materials and workmanship
    • Halyard Pocket
    • Hiking Straps


    Available Options (at an extra cost): 

    • Tenara Teflon Thread - By adding this option to your trampoline order we'll sew your new SLO Sail and Canvas trampoline in Tenara Teflon thread by Gore. Tenara has a 15 year warranty in the sun. If you store your boat on the beach this is the best thing you can add to extend the life of your trampoline. Our standard thread is a V-138 polyester thread that is UV stabilized and will last 5-7 years+ in the sun. 
    • Zippered Pocket - A larger zippered pocket perfect to hold water bottles, lunch, or sunscreen. The pocket dimensions are roughly 15"x18" and 4" tall. Dimensions may vary slightly depending on the trampoline because of other things getting in the way of a bigger pocket such as hiking straps and lacing grommets, trapeze grommets, jib strop grommets etc. We put the pocket inboard of the hiking straps on Hobie 14 and Hobie 16's on the starboard side of the trampoline. Prindle trampolines will have the zippered pocket on the port side of the trampoline inboard of the hiking straps and opposite the standard halyard pocket we include on all trampolines.
    • Lace Kit - Pre cut 1/4" (and sometimes 1/8") line to lace up your new trampoline. Available in white or black.



    Please measure the width of your boat between the tracks when you order. The width we pattern to is 74.5” at the front and 74” at the back. Please let us know if your boat is narrower or wider than this. Measure to the rope grooves both at the forward end and aft end.

    Please look at all of our Supercat 19 trampolines and pick the one that works best for your boat! There are three different styles of Supercat 19 trampolines that we know of:


    Additional Info: 

    CLICK HERE to download the Supercat Measurement Guide (must be completed and submitted before we build your trampoline order).

    CLICK HERE to view the Supercat 19 Owners Manual

    CLICK HERE to learn more about Tenara Teflon thread.

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