Nacra Width Guide

Please read through this guide and check your boat and trampoline width to make sure we have the correct trampoline to fit your boat.


nacra 5.8 bias cut trampoline sitting on the beach


Nacra catamarans were sold worldwide from the late 1970s through the present. Although the boats were designed with performance in mind the designers also had to consider traffic regulations and so boat widths are often a reflection of what is 'road legal.'

Road legal width in the United States used to be 8' wide maximum. Regulations were changed in the mid-80's to allow a trailer width of up to 8'6" (2.6 meters) wide. Other countries also have width regulations and as such some boat designs were specifically modified to comply with regulations in different countries. Europe and Australia have generally had 2.5 meter width restrictions.

Also keep in mind that boats may have been modified and may not be the 'stock' width.

These numbers are our 'target' width when we build a trampoline. The trampolines we make will be tolerant of a 5/8"(~1.5cm) difference +/-.


Nacra 5.0
Forward Width: 74" (188cm)
Aft Width: 74 3/4" (189.8cm)


Nacra 5.2
"Old" Before hull #521 Width: 74.5" (189.2cm)
"New" After Hull#521: Width: 72.5" (184.1cm)


Nacra 5.5 (SL and Uni)
Width (US Boats): 79" (200.5cm)
Width (Australian Boats): 73.25" (186cm)


Nacra 5.7
Width: 74" (188cm)


Nacra 5.8
Forward Width: 70.5 (179cm)
Aft Width: 71" (180.3cm)


Nacra 6.0
Width: 76" (193 cm)


Let us know if you need a trampoline in a custom width or you have information you'd like us to add to this list.