Replacement line kit for Hobie 16 with quality ropes from Marlow, Bainbridge, or Samson.

Line Kit to fit Hobie® 16

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    This is a listing for a line kit to fit a stock (unmodified) Hobie 16 catamaran with either a half rope / half wire style, all rope style, or Comptip main halyard - and either a half rope / half wire style, or all rope style jib halyard. This kit contains running rigging (lines) to replace all running rigging (lines). If the “halyard line for half rope / half wire style halyard" option is selected, this kit DOES NOT include the wire portion of the halyard(s). This kit DOES NOT include trampoline lacing line, or sail batten leech lines. Please read through the exact contents of this line kit listed in the table below before placing your order. 

    This line kit is created specifically for the stock Hobie® 16 catamaran. It includes the following lines:

    Mainsheet 3/8" 44'
    Jib Sheet 5/16" 32'
    Jib Traveler (x2)-Optional 3/16" 11' each
    Trapeze Line (x4) 1/4" 4' each
    Main Halyard Depends on Style Depends on Style
    Jib Halyard Depends on Style Depends on Style
    Outhaul 3/16" 8'
    Downhaul 3/16" 5'
    Righting Line 7/16" 35'
    Trapeze Bungee (x2) 1/4" 9' each



    • This kit can be customized depending on your needs.
    • The jib traveler line is intended for more modern boats with the integral block in the corner casting.
    • There are three different "normal" main halyards for the Hobie 16: the original stock half wire-half rope halyard, the all rope Aussie halyard, and the halyard for the comp-tip. 
    • The price is dependent on which halyard system you have, whether it is an all rope halyard, half rope-half wire halyard, or CompTip halyard.
    • This kit contains only the rope portion of the main halyard.
    • Colors subject to change, based on current availability.



    The Hobie® brand is a registered trademark of the Hobie Cat Company, Oceanside, California. The term Hobie® as used herein means the product manufactured and sold by that company, and is used without the permission of Hobie Cat Company. Our products are neither manufactured nor in any way sponsored or authorized by Hobie Cat Company.


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    1. Great kit for the 16

      I ordered a line kit for my Hobie 16. It came quickly and everything was there. The lines look to be very high quality. I have only rigged the jib halyard at this point, but the length was perfect. I will rig the rest after the season next month. on 22nd Sep 2021

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