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Windspeed 15 Catamaran Trampoline - Mesh

Windspeed 15 Catamaran Trampoline - Mesh
Windspeed 15 Catamaran Trampoline - Mesh
Windspeed 15 Catamaran Trampoline - Mesh

Windspeed 15 Catamaran Trampoline - Mesh

Price: $215.00
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This is a mesh trampoline for a Windspeed 15 Catamaran one piece design. This trampoline features heavy-duty black polypropylene mesh heavy 3 webbing reinforcement in all areas with grommets, hiking straps and a pocket for your halyards. If you purchase a Windspeed 15 trampoline we will need to contact you for some dimensions. The boats are different and we want to build you the perfect trampoline.

The trampoline slides into the forward beam and then laces down the sides to the holes in the hull. It then laces around the aft beam. This system enables easy tensioning both fore and aft and athwartships.

Our heavy-duty mesh trampoline is very well built with these unique features:

* made of high-quality and very durable trampoline mesh (8oz. polypropylene basket weave mesh... for you trampoline techno geeks)
* sewn with large size V-138 UV-stabilized polyester thread
* at least six rows of stitching in high-load areas
* multi-layer construction in high-stress sections to better spread the load: three layers of mesh and a layer of webbing... Holy Flying Hull Batman that's tough stuff
* our Grommet Gorilla (AKA: Timmy the Irish Hammer) personally pounds each #4 spur grommet by hand (spur grommets are tough; they have 'teeth' that bite into the fabric)


* one-year warranty against defects in materials and workmanship

Available Options (at an extra cost)

* Tenara Teflon Thread - By adding this option to your trampoline order we'll sew your new SLO Sail and Canvas trampoline in Tenara brand Teflon thread. Tenara has a 15 year warranty in the sun. If you store your boat on the beach this is the best thing you can add to extend the life of your trampoline. Our standard thread is a V-138 polyester thread that is UV stabilized and will last 5-7 years+ in the sun. But add this option and your trampoline will quite possibly last forever.

* Zippered Pocket - - A larger zippered pocket perfect to hold water bottles, lunch, or sunscreen. The pocket dimensions are roughly 15"x18" and 4" tall. Dimensions may vary slightly depending on the trampoline because of other things getting in the way of a bigger pocket such as hiking straps and lacing grommets, trapeze grommets, jib strop grommets etc. We put the pocket inboard of the hiking straps on Hobie 14 and Hobie 16's on the starboard side of the trampoline. Prindle trampolines will have the zippered pocket on the port side of the trampoline inboard of the hiking straps and opposite the standard halyard pocket we include on all trampolines.

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