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Mutineer Racing Jib

Mutineer Racing Jib
Mutineer Racing Jib
Mutineer Racing Jib

Mutineer Racing Jib

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Our Mutineer jib is proudly designed and manufactured in our San Luis Obispo, California sails loft.  This daysailing sail is an identical cut to our racing sail, but with a softer cloth. As always, all of our sails are made 100% in the USA by our highly skilled sailmakers.

Special Features-

  • Cloth Material: 5.5 ounce US made squareweave cloth from Challenge Sailcloth
  •      Designed for maximum durability without sacrificing performance      Manufactured by one of the premier sailcloth manufacturers that processes all of its woven sailcloth in the US
  • High quality manufacturing techniques for maximum durability
  •       Radial corner patches
          Triple step zig-zag stitching on the seams
  • Large window!
  • Telltales
  • Computer designed using Autometrix SMSW6 Build 29 sailmaking software, cut out on our in house CNC plotter/cutter, and sewn right here in our SLO sail loft

  • NOTE: It is common among Mutineer owners to modify their boats slightly, and in addition, there have been several different builders of the Mutineer over the years, so there are commonly some differences from boat to boat.  In order to get a jib that is custom fit to your boat, please provide us with the following information:

    **If you have a wire luff or tube luff – The Mutineer class recommends switching to a wire luff due to issues with the location that the Hyfield tension lever mounts getting weaker as the boats age.  Boats have occasionally been dis-masted in a strong wind.

    Please take the following measurements when you place your order and enter into the box above.  Click on the photo below for a pictorial representation of the measurements that we'd like to have in order to build a sail.

    **a. Measurement from the forestay base to the front end of the jib track  - Enter into box above
    **b. Measurement from the forestay base to the back end of the jib track - Enter into box above
    **c. Width between the jib tracks - Enter into box above
    **d. If your jib tracks are below the deck, measure the distance below the deck - Enter into box above


    Call (805.479.6122) or email us (slosailandcanvas@yahoo.com) if you have any questions at all


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